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About Our Hunger Foundation

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

Our mission is to create awareness about effective food management among people and encourage sharing of food for creating a hunger – free society.

Audit Methods

To sensitize people about the amount of food being wasted through standardized food waste auditing methods.

Alternative Solution

To provide alternative solutions for spoiled or wasted food ensuring that too not reaches the landfills, dumpsites or dustbins.


To raise awareness about food loss and food waste amongst citizens and bring about behavioral change in them to prevent food waste at home, school or at workplace through guidance and sharing of good practices.

Food Solution

To raise awareness among Food businesses by encouraging them to adopt good practices to reduce food loss and food waste in their supply chains and sharing good practices.

Our Community

Our community work covers various aspects of our local area. We also have regular services in some of the local care homes and sheltered housing schemes with in Feather-stone.

We aim to bring benefits across the spectrum of society and help provide access to food to those who don’t have adequate means to access it.

1.2M Pounds Donated
2.1K Members
980+ Volunteers
391 Doners
$2.1M Raised

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