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Akarmaxs Pvt Ltd.

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Who are we ?

We are the trustees of the Koshbank who dislike food shortage and food wastage.

Why do we bother ?

India is one of the largest producers of rice and wheat globally. Ironically, one out of every third malnourished child in the world is from India and over 194 million Indians remain hungry every day. The gap lies in the mismanagement of the food resources- about 67 million tonnes of food, enough to feed the entire state of Bihar, is wasted in India annually. Our project, Koshbank is the outcome of a conscious effort to minimise this rampant food wastage and the care to feed the starved.

How does it function ?

This community fridge provides both secure and open place where excess food can be stored for the hungry. We manage the fridge by keeping it clean and checking the food in the fridge for its expiry dates and making it safe to eat. Though the fridge is open for all to contribute to or take away from, we also have a magic eye on it, to ensure its safety.

Who can donate food ?

Any one from households, restaurants, eatery chains, corporates, etc. are being encouraged to leave edible food, which otherwise would be wasted.

How should the foods be placed in the fridge ?

Donors are requested to pack the food items in clean packets and label the contents of the packets and their use-by-date. Donors can make use of labels available at Ayyamittu Unn sites, for this purpose.

Who are the beneficiaries ?

Anyone in need is welcome to take the food, clothes, stationaries from any of our ‘Koshbank’ fridges and the attached ‘charity counters’ without any questions, answers, or presentation of proof of their identification cards or needs.

How many times can a person use the ‘Koshbank’ fridge?

As many times as one wants, as many times as one may need to!

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